1957 Miss Universe Beauty Pageant
Long Beach Municipal Auditorium
Long Beach, California, USA
July 19
Master of Ceremonies: Ed Hennesy

Winner: PERU - Gladys Zender
1st Runner Up: BRAZIL - Teresinha Gonçalves Morango
2nd Runner Up: ENGLAND - Sonia Hamilton
3rd Runner Up: CUBA - Maria Rosa Gamio Fernández
4th Runner Up: GERMANY - Gerti Daub

ALASKA - Martha Lehmann
ARGENTINA - Monica Lamas [Replaced Miss U.S.A.]
AUSTRIA - Hannerl Melcher
BRAZIL - Teresinha Gonçalves Morango
CANADA - Gloria Noakes
CUBA - Maria Rosa Gamio Fernández
ENGLAND - Sonia Hamilton
GERMANY - Gerti Daub
GREECE - Ligia Karavia
ITALY - Valeria Fabrizzi, Italy
JAPAN - Kyoko Otani
MOROCCO - Jacqueline Doreilla Bonilla
PERU - Gladys Zender
SWEDEN - Inger Jonsson
URUGUAY - Gabriela Pascal
*U.S.A. - Mary Leona Gage [Disqualified]

Miss Friendship: PUERTO RICO - Mapita Mercado Cortes
Most Photogenic: GERMANY - Gerti Daub
Most Popular Girl In The Parade: CANADA - Gloria Noakes

*According to the Chicago Daily Tribune, here is what happened on that Friday morning, July 19: "...after a night of sleeplessness and weeping, Miss Gage, in a closed session with Meinhardt, admitted her marriage..." She also admitted she had two children and had lied about her age. Her mother-in-law had been the one to confirm the rumors, saying Ms. Gage was married to air force sergeant Gene Norris Ennis, was the mother of two children, ages 2 and 3, and was 18, not 21.
Miss Universe pageant officials acted quickly and decisively. Pageant rules did not (and still do not) allow married women to compete. Ms. Gage was officially deposed as Miss USA, thus becoming the only "Miss USA For Just One Day." Her first runner-up, Miss Utah, Charlotte Sheffield, was named the new Miss USA and received the prize package that had been awarded to Ms. Gage. The official rankings of the runner-ups to the new Miss USA also changed. Just as Charolotte Sheffield moved up a notch, so did the other runners-up: the second-runner to Leona Gage became the first runner-up to Charlotte Sheffield, etc., and a new fourth runner-up to Miss USA 1957 was officially declared: Miss Ohio, Kathryn Gabriel. Read more...
[source: BEAUTY SCHOOL "The 1957 Miss Universe Pageant: Succés de Scandale"

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