Araneta Coliseum
Quezon City, Philippines
March 3
Hosts: Paolo Bediones & Raymond Gutierrez

The 30 Official Candidates

Candidate # 1
Rica Taylor

Candidate # 2
Ailyn Luna

Candidate # 3
Abigail Cruz

Candidate # 4
Nicole Schmitz

Candidate # 5
Melissa Cruz

Candidate # 6
Suzanne Tabitha Mendoza

Candidate # 7
Heidi Forbes

Candidate # 8
Kimberly Buhay

Candidate # 9
Anna Theresa Licaros

Candidate #10
Theofeliz Marie Francisco

Candidate #11
Margaret ( Maggie ) Wilson

Candidate #12
Melanie Adjarani

Candidate #13
Ma. Luisa Beltran

Candidate #14
Nadia Shami

Candidate #15
Edferlyn Quintero

Candidate #16
Erika Pangan

Candidate #17
Paulette Quinto

Candidate #18
Jamie Burgos

Candidate #19
Clayd Torreon

Candidate #20
Grezilda Adelantar

Candidate #21
Keann Mallari

Candidate #22
Sheila Alonzo

Candidate #23
Ferniz Utatulum

Candidate #24
Liezel Verses

Candidate #25
Ma. Eloisa Limpo

Candidate #26
Angeline Tucio

Candidate #27
Contessa Maria Santos

Candidate #28
Mhyrtle Bugarin

Candidate #29
Almira Ramos

Candidate #30
Grace Patricia Francisco

(This poll is closed)
Thank you very much for participating.


1. Edferlyn Quintero 2. Margaret Wilson 3. Anna Theresa Licaros
4. Melanie Adjarani 5. Grace Patricia Francisco

Many of you are asking what is the purpose of this poll. This poll is an easy way to know what most people think will be the top contenders for the 2010 Binibining Pilipinas Crowns. This poll can tell us the preferences of the Philippine & International pageant afficionados who visit the forum & the website as compared to the preferences of the actual judges. It's a fact that judges are known to visit forums and blogs to get some feedbacks from people who have anything to say, good or bad, about the candidates. You'll be surprised to know, that the candidates do the same thing. They want to know where they stand from the beauty watchers' perspective. We'll never know what else does this poll can do. It is free and it is fun. Let's enjoy it.
PLEASE NOTE: NJBP Forum & veestarz.com are not responsible for the results of this poll. The poll is being tabulated by www.sparklit.com based on the number of votes each candidate receives per IP address.

The Following is the original up-to-the-minute coverage of the 2007 Binibining Pilipinas Pageant written exclusively for the NJBP Forum by Mengay. We would like to thank him for giving us permission to reprint it here.
Posted: 09:33:08 PST 03/03/07 Sat by Mengay

The show opened with medley of songs and dance number with the candidates wearing South Asian inspired costume. Then, the videotaped introduction by the candidates. The reigning title holders were ushered in, each atop a cart adorned by flowers and being carried by four men. They were introduced. The candidates took the initial costume off and revealed a flesh body stocking type of attire while singing the theme song. The giant jumbotron on stage flashing the faces of the candidates. The two hosts, Paolo Bediones and Richard Gutierrez, were introduced and came on stage. The candidates finished the theme song with some fireworks in the background.
Videotape of the candidates in various activities such as rehearsal and sponsor visits.

The ever beautiful Miriam Quiambao, the anchorwoman, gave a little re-cap and an insight of what to expect for the night. Paolo Bediones announced the first part of the competition, the swimsuit competition. The first 15 candidates took the stage, one by one, wearing floral two piece swimwear. The jumbotron showing images of the candidates in red swimwear while the candidates strut their wares on stage and Mr. Bediones giving the vital information about the candidates. Gionna Cabrera was in charge of the backstage happenings, interviewing the other candidates. The next batch of candidates took the stage. Another videotape of the candidates in their visit to Tayabas, Quezon.

Three special awards were given, namely:
Miss Photogenic - #11 Margaret ( Maggie ) Wilson
Manila Bulletin Reader´s Choice - #27 Contessa Maria Santos
Best in Swimsuit - # 3 Abigail Cruz

The members of the Board of Judges were introduced: Robin Padilla, Alfred Vargas, Vicky Morales, the executive manager of Sofitel Hotel, a certain Aurelio Montinola, a certain Mr. Lapuz, a certain Mr. Lim of Phil-Chi Chamber of Commerce, Ruffa Gutierrez, Charlene Gonzales, Japanese Ambassador, Precious Lara Quigaman and the secretary of DECS as the chairman. Another videotape showcasing the various project of Bb. Pilipinas Charity, Inc. Then announcement of the members of the executive committee of BPCI, to wit: Marquez, Moreno, another guy, Bernardo and Alvarez. The past winners attending the affair were acknowledged. The videotape of the prizes awaiting the winners and the segment featured the Bb. Pilipinas 2006 winners.
Richard Gutierrez announced the start of the evening gown competition. The first 15 candidates were the first to go. Earlier, the anchorwoman mentioned that the gowns were provided by Cumbia. There were boys wearing traditional/native costume, playing various native musical instruments and they provided the musical background. Videotape of the talent competition, charity day. press presentation, pre-judging and the parade of beauties.
Backstage, Gionna Cabrera interviewed Candidate No. 10, Cabrera even quoted: "It is not the gown, it is how you carried it." Then, it was the turn of the next batch of candidates to 'carry' their gowns. Another video of candidates' activities.

Second set of special awards were given to the following:
Miss Bacchus Energy Drink - Candidate # 9 Anna Theresa Licaros
Miss Ever Bilena - Candidate #11 Margaret ( Maggie ) Wilson
Watson's Woman Award - Candidate # 9 Anna Theresa Licaros
Watson's Style Icon - Candidate #11 Margaret ( Maggie ) Wilson
Miss Philippine Airlines - Candidate # 9 Anna Theresa Licaros
Miss Natasha - Candidate # 9 Anna Theresa Licaros
2nd RU Miss Talent - Candidate #19 Clayd Torreon
1st RU Miss Talent - Candidate #29 Almira Ramos
Miss Talent - Candidate #22 Sheila Alonzo
Miss Friendship - Candidate #12 Melanie Adjarani
Best in Evening Gown - Candidate #24 Liezel Verses

Then came the announcement of the finalists. The Smart Texters' Awardee would automatically join the 12 finalists and the Awardee was #15, thus the 13 finalists:
#21 Keann Mallari
#26 Angeline Tucio
#13 Ma. Luisa Beltran
#10 Theofeliz Marie Francisco (who almost tripped on her way down)
#18 Jamie Burgos
# 4 Nicole Schmitz
#14 Nadia Shami
# 3 Abigail Cruz
# 9 Anna Theresa Licaros
#12 Melanie Adjarani
#11 Margaret ( Maggie ) Wilson
#24 Liezel Verses
#15 Edferlyn Quintero

The Bb. Pilipinas 2006 winners, all wearing red dress, did a dance number with Whiplash and Mark Herras. Valmonte first, then Ramos and Igpit. The music was from the "Dreamgirls" soundtrack.
The 13 finalists were divided into two and the first 6 finalists faced the judges in the Question and Answer phase of the competition. The second batch then took the task of answering the judges' question. Each finalist was to draw the name of the judge from a bowl and the judge will ask the finalist, except for the last two finalists when there was no more name of a judge to pick from the bowl This was how the pairing went:

#21 Keann Mallari/ Precious Lara Quigaman
#26 Angeline Tucio/ Ruffa Gutierrez
#13 Ma. Luisa Beltran/ Vicky Morales
#10 Theofeliz Marie Francisco/ Mr. Lapuz
#18 Jamie Burgos/ The Japanese Ambassador
# 4 Nicole Schmitz/ Charlene Gonzales
#14 Nadia Shami/ The executive manager of Sofitel Hotel.
# 3 Abigail Cruz/ Mr Lim
# 9 Anna Theresa Licaros/ Mr. Aurelio Montinola
#12 Melanie Adjarani/ Robin Padilla
#11 Margaret ( Maggie ) Wilson/ Alfred Vargas
#24 Liezel Verses/ Ruffa Gutierrez
#15 Edferlyn Quintero/ Charlene Gonzales

The finalists were then serenaded by a male singer. The jumbotron showed a montage of the finalists' faces.
Ms. Miriam Quiambao did the foreword for the Bb. Pilipinas 2006 winners who were about to take the farewell walk. A brief account of the 4 Miss International winners together with last year delegate's participation in the pageant preceded the appearance of Ms. Valmonte. A recollection of not only the two winners in the Miss Universe but also the good showing of other past delegates in the pageants including the number of Miss Photogenic awards won by the Philippines preceded the Ms. Ramos' final walk. Ms. Igpit took her farewell walk after the purpose of Miss World was defined as one with Beauty with A Purpose and the enumeration of past delegates who became semi-finalists and finalists in the said international pageant.

Finally, the announcement of the winners:
2nd Runner-up: #3 - Abigail Cruz
1st Runner-up: #24 - Liezel Verses
Bb. Pilipinas International: # 14 - Nadia Shami
Bb. Pilipinas Universe: #9 - Ana Theresa Licaros
Bb. Pilipinas World: #11- Margaret Wilson

Photo courtesy of OPMB Worldwide

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